Paul Junge Announces Candidacy for Congress

Dan Kildee’s Radical Liberal Agenda Moving America in Wrong Direction

Fenton, MI– Today, Paul Junge announced his candidacy for Congress in the 8th Congressional District against liberal incumbent Congressman Dan Kildee. Paul worked in his family business, served in the Trump Administration at Homeland Security working to secure our borders, and as a prosecutor protecting vulnerable women and children.

“President Biden and Congressman Kildee are weakening America, increasing the cost of living with massive new government spending, and fighting to give handouts to illegal immigrants. I’m running for Congress to fight for the conservative, American First principles that make our country strong and free. By stopping the failed Biden-Kildee agenda and returning to the successful policies of the Trump Administration, we will strengthen our economy, lower gas prices, secure the border, and expand opportunities for every American,” said Paul Junge.

“Congressman Kildee is a proud member of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team and he joined the radical liberal Progressive Caucus with Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to push for more taxes, spending, and socialism. The people of Michigan deserve far better than Dan Kildee’s votes to borrow trillions to increase inflation, give handouts to illegal immigrants, hike utility bills, and force our taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions,” added Junge.

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