Putting America First

President Trump put America First in trade deals, no longer allowing China and other countries to take advantage of us. I will proudly stand with and put American workers and American businesses first, as he did with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) and I will always insist that our trade agreements are enforced and benefit American workers.

As the Coronavirus crisis has demonstrated, U.S. supply chains are over-reliant on China. As long as China continues to steal American technology and intellectual property, and threaten our pharmaceutical supply, U.S. companies should pull critical operations out of China. Congress should incentivize companies to bring those operations back to the U.S. and invest in states like Michigan that have been harmed by jobs being shipped overseas.

Securing the Border

I was a President Trump Administration appointee at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services where we enforced our immigration laws and put Americans first. I support Presidents Trump’s efforts to build the Wall, end sanctuary cities, and secure our border.

Defending the Right to Life

I am pro-life. Life is a gift from God and there is no more vulnerable life than a baby in the womb. It’s truly horrific that statewide Democrat elected officials have supported allowing the decision of whether a baby lives to be made even after that little life is outside of the womb. Partial-birth abortions, taxpayer-funding of abortions, and no-reason abortion-on-demand needs to end. The solution is life affirming alternatives, particularly support for soon-to-be mothers and adoption.

Protecting our Second Amendment Rights

I am pro-Second Amendment and will fight efforts that attack lawful gun ownership, whether by unconstitutional red flags laws or any other means. The United States and Michigan Constitutions resolutely defend the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms, and efforts to remove this fundamental right strikes at the core of our freedom as Americans.

Destroying Terrorists

I supported President Trump’s efforts to defend American lives. When an American Embassy is attacked, it is the president’s responsibility to address the threat and he did that by taking out an American-killing Iranian terrorist. The order to strike Iranian terrorist leader Soleimani was not only appropriate, it has no doubt saved lives and improved conditions in the Middle East. President Trump’s strong support for our ally Israel further demonstrates that we stand with our freedom-loving allies and terrorism will not be tolerated.

Fixing Our Broken Infrastructure

Michigan’s roads received a failing grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers. It’s clear we need to address the issue, but our Governor’s solution to cut important programs and increase prices at the pump for hardworking Michigan families isn’t the answer. Given the state of our crumbling infrastructure, Federal legislation must focus on making our roads and bridges safe, not on highway beautification projects or public transit, which currently make up 25% of current Federal infrastructure spending. Our infrastructure projects should also address road congestion so you can spend more time with your family instead of sitting in traffic. We must also reduce project costs and speed up construction by removing red tape and streamlining the permitting process.

Supporting Quality Health Care

I will protect your work-provided health care. Many Democrats are pushing a version of Medicare for All, which is a threat to your health coverage. This government-run approach will lead to rationing and delayed care. The key to health care is a patient-centered approach that focuses on the doctor-patient relationship. I will insist on protecting people with pre-existing conditions and improving efficiency within the system through health savings accounts, combating lawsuit abuse, and allowing individuals and small businesses to join together for better rates. We must also make prescription drugs more affordable. I support efforts that will actually lower out-of-pocket-costs by increasing the availability of generics, speeding up the FDA approval process, and providing greater price transparency.

Deaths from opioid overdoses dropped for the first time in six years in Michigan in 2018. While the Trump Administration and Congress have taken substantive action to curb opioid abuse, Michigan is still above the national average and there’s more work to do. Substance abuse does not discriminate and it’s critical that we find ways to tackle the problem before it starts. In Congress I will seek solutions that improve access to and the quality of treatment. American health care quality and innovation is top-notch and allowing people to affordably access this fine care is our mission.

Educating America’s Future

As the son of a teacher, I understand the need for our educators to receive the support they need to educate the next generation. Educators should be able to focus on ensuring students are prepared to enter the workforce. I support education being addressed at the local level and I will defend the right of American parents to educate their children as they see fit, in a public, religious, private, or charter school, or at home. I strongly oppose the divisive Critical Race Theory programs and training.

America First Energy & Environment

Even so-called moderate Democrats like Joe Biden have endorsed a ban on fracking, which would eliminate 516,000 Michigan jobs and reduce the state’s gross domestic product by $159 billion over five years. I support an all-of-the-above approach to meet our energy needs to ensure America remains energy independent.

In order to reduce carbon emissions, we must encourage the private sector to continue innovating renewable energy sources, including hydropower, nuclear, wind, and solar. We don’t need a big government answer that will only result in higher taxes and job-killing regulations. By encouraging research and development of new technologies that reduce emissions and grow our economy, we can ensure Michigan families continue to have access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

The Great Lakes are one of the state’s most treasured natural resources, and it’s important we work together to protect and conserve them. I will work to ensure programs that protect the Great Lakes, such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, are fully-funded.

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